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Beauty and spa


We strive for the highest possible quality and, as part of this, have conceived unique wellness and beauty concepts all with the same concern in mind: your complete and utter well-being. At the luxurious Hommage Luxury Hotels Collection hotels, you can say goodbye to disruptions and relax, regenerate, unwind and leave the stress of everyday life behind you with the highest quality individual treatments.

Designed with the history of our hotels and the special traits of the local region in mind, our lavish wellness temples feature offerings such as exclusive thermal spas, like Nassauer Hof Therme in Wiesbaden. Also awaiting you are compact, refined spa areas with a high level of intimacy and the expertise of seasoned wellness professionals – like at Söl’ring Hof, our hotel in the centre of Sylt’s amazing natural landscape.

Spa im Maison Messmer

Breathe in. Relax. Enjoy. Revel in the luxury of our exclusive wellness and spa spots. Pure indulgence has never felt so good.

Spa Area for ultimate relaxing moments
Hotel Nassauer Hof
 - Spa Area for ultimate relaxing moments
Feel Good Ceremony
Maison Messmer
 - Feel Good Ceremony
Stylish massage room
Maison Messmer
 - Spa for body and soul
Decoration for Japanese Massage
Parkhotel Bremen
 - Japanese Massage
Massage room on a high level
Parkhotel Bremen
 - Massage on a high level
Walk in the sea air
Sölring Hof
 - Recovery through the sea air