Sölring Hof Arrangements Kings Classics
Sölring Hof Arrangements Kings Classics

King’s Classic Arrangement

An exclusive time with Johannes King – an arrangement that happens only once per year!

5 – 9 February 2020


With the famous stiff breeze blowing in over the dunes, take a seat with Johannes King and talk about everything and nothing over a glass of port by the fireplace. Alternatively, take advantage of the first rays of February sunshine together and head out for an extended foray into the island.

The King’s Classics Arrangement makes exactly these moments possible for you, and they will last in your memory forever. Our star chef clears his calendar exclusively for you during these winter days so that you can explore the island together and see his absolute favourite products. And of course you cannot miss out on the culinary king’s classics, which he serves up to you during a gala dinner on the final evening.

Johannes King

Your arrangement includes:

Arrival at Söl’ring Hof and subsequent get-together at Söl’ring Hof Bar, including gourmet delicacies

‘Beach Olympics’ – a trip down the beach, with boot throwing and related sports

In the evening: ‘Madeira Exclusive’ at King’s gourmet shop in Keitum, including food pairing

Let Johannes King show you the versatility of Madeira, one of the most famous fortified wines, in a light-hearted atmosphere. Take a journey through the multifaceted flavour and learn everything there is to know about the art of wine pairing – all based on the motto that you can never have too much of a good thing.

11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sylt safari and dining tour of the island

Explore the island together with the star chef. The vintage bus will drive you to such places as ‘Dittmeyer’s Oyster Compagnie’ and Alessandro Pape’s salt factory.

A treat for truffle fans – learn about this noble fungus in the Söl’ring Hof kitchen

A day trip to the whisky distillery by the wharf, whisky education including tasting

Elegant dinner, including aperitif and wine tasting to match Enjoy five courses of Johannes King’s absolute classics, such as his famous open sandwiches and legendary icy baked apple.


Also included in the price:
transfers to and from the railway station or airport, parking for your car, refined, open-ended à la carte breakfast, daily newspaper if desired, all minibar beverages, use of our wellness area and gym and the local tourism levy

From €2,625
This arrangement is available for the period from 5 to 9 February 2020,
optionally for four nights (based on room availability)

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