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Vintage car on the wide roads in the northern Black Forest
Oldtimer on the wide road in the northern Black Forest
Hommage Moments in Baden-Baden

Cruise through the trees of the Black Forest in a classic car

You will drive through the valleys and heights of the Black Forest in an elegant classic car, feel the wind on your face as you go and enjoy the choice of either a romantic picnic or exquisite gourmet cuisine accompanied by the most spectacular natural views.

MM Pfau
View of a mountainous landscape with scattered forests

Precious moments:
Romantic views over the treetops

The leather interior of a Mercedes Oldtimer
Cube Grey
View through the car window at the steering wheel of a Mercedes classic car

The Experience

The Black Forest is an El Dorado for people that want to explore the wonderful natural world in their car. There’s nowhere else in Germany with such beautiful roads, winding picturesquely through the narrow valleys and rolling hills. Pure nature, magnificent forests, magical clearings and romantic villages can be found as you drive.

The leather interior of a Mercedes Oldtimer
Cube Grey

Tthe ideal settings for discovering the most beautiful parts of the Black Forest in a wonderful classic car. Drive through beautiful landscape and enjoy romantic views over the tree tops. Lunch is served either in a recommended Michelin-starred restaurant or you will be given our own picnic basket so that you can enjoy our in-house specialities in a scenic location.


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