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Luxury Hotels in Germany and Austria

At the hotels of our Hommage Luxury Hotels Collection, our guests experience the combination of Germany’s and Austria’s finest service, tradition-filled accommodation and spectacular ambience. With exclusive experiences your stay becomes an unforgettable memory. We have interpreted comfort with a contemporary touch for you. That is how we satisfy our guests’ desire for that certain something in our luxury hotels.

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Our hotels - Luxury Reinterpreted for You

Whether in Rantum, Bremen, Wiesbaden, Baden-Baden, Kitzbühel or Düsseldorf – the hotels can turn a moment into something very special: A memory

Söl'Ring Hof, Hommage Hotels auf Sylt
Söl'ring Hof
 - Sylt
Parkhotel Bremen - Ansicht des Hotels über den See hinweg
Parkhotel Bremen
 - Bremen
Hotel Kö59, Hommage Hotel in Düsseldorf
Hotel Kö59
 - Düsseldorf
Hotel Nassauer Hof, Hommage Hotels in Wiesbaden
Hotel Nassauer Hof
 - Wiesbaden
Maison Messmer, Hommage Hotels in Baden-Baden
Maison Messmer
 - Baden-Baden
Grand Tirolia, Hommage Hotel in Kitzbühel
Grand Tirolia
 - Kitzbühel
  • Söl'ring Hof - Sylt

  • Parkhotel Bremen - Bremen

  • Hotel Kö59 - Düsseldorf

  • Nassauer Hof - Wiesbaden

  • Maison Messmer - Baden-Baden

  • Grand Tirolia - Kitzbühel

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Jörg T. Böckeler



We satisfy our guests’ desire for that certain something. Every Hommage Hotel has a close connection with its local community, its region and the special things that make its area unique. We create moments that can only be experienced at an Hommage Hotel. Unique experiences that are lived only once.

Jörg T. Böckeler, CEO of the Hommage Luxury Hotels Collection

Detailaufnahme von vergoldeten Schnecken an einem Geländer im Restaurant ENTE
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The unique luxurious experience

Experience exceptional Hommage moments. On the island of Sylt, for example, where hotel host Jan-Philipp Berner and Johannes King create an extraordinary flavour experience with the Sylt Royal, the only species of oyster produced in Germany.


Relaxation reinvented

We strive for the highest possible quality and, as part of this, have conceived unique wellness and beauty concepts all with the same concern in mind: your complete and utter well-being.

Beauty and spa

Overnight stay at the highest level

Whether for business or pleasure, if you want an extra dose of comfort when traveling, you've come to the right place. The six hotels of our Hommage Luxury Hotels Collcetion offer some of the most exclusive suites in Germany.

Luxury Suites in Germany


Sometimes you need to treat yourself a little; often, though, others have earnt it. Give the gift of some downtime – full of luxury, comfort and indulgence. You will find a wide variety of ideas in our voucher shop – from a romantic dinner to a wellness day to a full arrangement for your luxury holiday. You can order our vouchers quickly and straightforwardly online.


Proud and happy!

Our Hommage Luxury Hotels Collection hotels has received multiple awards from the Institute of Excellence – selected from over 11,000 hotels in Germany: 

We are very proud that the Parkhotel Bremen, the Maison Messmer, the Hotel Kö59, the Hotel Nassauer Hof and the Söl’ring Hof are among the 101 best hotels in Germany and that the Grand Tirolia Kitzbühel was awarded in the ‘Luxurious neighbours and friends’ category.