Casino Royale

Included benefits and services:

  • one night’s accommodation, including an expansive breakfast buffet
  • three-course ‘Rouge et Noir’ menu, including an aperitif at Baden-Baden Casino
  • free entry to Classic Gaming and lucky chips* worth €10 per person**
  • a bottle of water waiting in your room on arrival
  • complimentary use of our ‘Royal Spa’ and fitness area

From €190 per person

* Please be aware that only adults aged 21 and over can enter the casino.  Identification and suitable dress are required for entrance.
** Please be aware that all gaming options are services external to us and that the relevant organiser indicated is responsible for organising and carrying out each of these services. Organiser: Baden-Württembergische Spielbanken GmbH & Co. KG. Gambling is addictive. Help and advice is available for free from the Federal Centre for Health Education (BZgA):, telephone: 0800-1 37 27 00

Maison Messmer, Baden-Baden, Casino Arrangement
Maison Messmer, Baden-Baden, Casino Arrangement