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Ornithologist observing birds in nature
A woman watches birds in the sky with binoculars
Hommage Moments in Bremen

Watch the colourful array of birdlife in Bremen’s Bürgerpark

With an experienced ornithologist at your side, you will discover the variety of birds in Bremen’s Bürgerpark, learn everything about nesting behaviour, quirks and the identification of species and then enjoy a delicious breakfast with a view of the park.

PB Statue
Pond with water lilies surrounded by wild grass and birch trees in Bürgerpark in Bremen

Precious moments:
Romantic view of the lake in Bürgerpark

Meadow with wild grass and big trees at the Bürgerpark in Bremen
Cube Grey
Sun over a meadow and a book about birds in the Bürgerpark in Bremen

The Experience

Bürgerpark is Bremen’s green centre and is home to more than 50 species of bird, including many rare species such as the stock dove or the middle spotted woodpecker – and it’s where you can find the luxurious Parkhotel Bremen. Together with our ornithologist, you will go to the empty park early in the morning.

Meadow with wild grass and big trees at the Bürgerpark in Bremen
Cube Grey

Under expert guidance, you will observe the birdlife and learn everything about the birds’ way of life, their distribution and their nesting behaviour. Along the way, you will discover the extensive Bürgerpark, which invites you to dream with its varied arrangements, lakes and many species of trees – right in the middle of the Hanseatic city. After your ornithological walk, a table will already be reserved for you for breakfast, where you can go over your experiences together with a cup of tea and fresh croissants.


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