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About us

We strive for the exceptional

Hommage Hotels leave an outstanding impression with their lavish ambience, contemporary luxury and perfect service. Here you experience pure indulgence and modern sustainability combined with the 60 years of hospitality tradition held by the renowned Dorint Group.

What sets the exclusive hotels of the Hommage Luxury Hotels Collection apart from others is our promise to make your time with us a unique experience. In our luxury hotels you are more than a welcome guest – at our hotels you immerse yourself in the life and exceptional nature of your destination.

Jörg T. Böckeler
Jörg T. Böckeler, CEO of Hommage Luxury Hotels Collection

Forming part of the successful Dorint Group, Hommage stands for a fully new collection of individual luxury hotels. Each one of our currently six luxury hotels has exceedingly close ties with its surroundings, enabling unique moments that can only be experienced at an Hommage hotel.


Enjoy the feeling of being in good hands and taken care of in an atmosphere of professional discretion, considerate service, therapeutic relaxation and remarkable attentiveness.

Experience the difference. With experiences characteristic of the unique gourmet hotels in our collection. In our salon – the centre and soul of our hotels. A special place open only to our guests that reinterprets the tradition of salon culture.



All establishments in the Hommage Luxury Hotels Collection are firmly rooted in their region and share the same philosophy: the utmost in quality, exclusivity and sustainability. Here, you can find an overview of the regional partnerships, awards and collaborations that make our excellence and hospitality so special.