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Parton of the Hotel Johannes King examinates an oyster
Parton of the Hotel Johannes King examinates an oyster
Hommage Moments

Where moments make memories

Have you ever asked yourself what makes a single experience become an unforgettable memory? It isn’t just the people with whom we had this moment. It also isn’t the unique atmosphere at that moment or the framed photo which we took home with us. It’s when many small elements perfectly come together that a single moment becomes a memory for life.

We at the Hommage Luxury Hotels Collection are convinced that a journey only becomes unforgettable when moments are perfect. We’ve even given them their own name in our hotels: the Hommage Moments. With them, we have created unique experiences just for you at the most beautiful places in Germany – ones that you can exclusively have with us.

Beach Chair in the dunes of Sylt

Enjoy fresh oysters in Sylt’s mudflats

Together with gourmet chef Jan-Philipp Berner, you will learn the secrets of the Sylter Royal oyster in the midst of the mudflats and then enjoy an exclusive oyster breakfast on the dunes of Sylt.

Sylt moments

Cruise through the trees of the Black Forest in a classic car

You will drive through the valleys and heights of the Black Forest in an elegant classic car, feel the wind on your face as you go and enjoy the choice of either a romantic picnic or exquisite gourmet cuisine accompanied by the most spectacular natural views.

Maison Messmer moments
Oldtimer on the wide road in the northern Black Forest
Ornithologist observing birds in nature

Watch the colourful array of birdlife in Bremen’s Bürgerpark

With an experienced ornithologist at your side, you will discover the variety of birds in Bremen’s Bürgerpark, learn everything about nesting behaviour, quirks and the identification of species and then enjoy a delicious breakfast with a view of the park.

Parkhotel Bremen moments


Each Hommage Moment has something unique to offer that you can exclusively find with us. We also create moments that meet your individual plans and demands with personal service and our local networks, ensuring memories that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Simply contact the respective hotel and we will put together your very own Hommage Moment during your city break in Germany.