Austernwanderung mit Johannes King
Sweep HH2
Hommage moments

Experience the exceptional

The exceptional becomes an experience at the hotels in the Hommage Collection. We define luxury as creating moments that can only be experienced once. Moments that only exist at a certain place with certain people. These small, absolutely unique pleasures in life are yours to enjoy.

Like at Söl’ring Hof, where you have the chance to take a private excursion to the oyster beds and get close to Sylt’s breathtaking fauna and flora in an exquisite way. Simultaneously, star chef Johannes King will let you in on the secrets of the ‘Sylt Royal’ oyster. The experience is rounded out with a sampling of the oyster in the shallow waters over a glass of champagne. An oyster so fresh that it is unforgettable.

This is just one of the many exclusive moments on offer for you when you stay with the Hommage Luxury Hotels Collection.


Anyone seeking background information about the oysters they are savouring has the opportunity to take a private excursion to the oyster bays.