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Refined dish in the restaurant ENTE in Wiesbaden
Refined dish in the restaurant ENTE in Wiesbaden

Welcome to ENTE, our gourmet restaurant

First-class star cuisine in Wiesbaden

The award-winning restaurant ENTE, a Wiesbaden culinary institution for almost four decades, is one of the most famous gourmet restaurants in Germany and has been distinguished with 1 Michelin star and 16 points in Gault Millau.

The vision of the chef

Our experienced chef, Michael Kammermeier, takes the reins in the restaurant’s tradition-rich kitchen. He describes his style of cooking as ‘inspired by the world’s flavour – apart from Antarctica’. After all, ENTE draws its name from the German word for ‘duck’, and the duck is at home anywhere in the world – apart from Antarctica. Its individual and season-dependent ‘migration’ to distant countries is Michael Kammermeier’s source of inspiration for aromas and combinations. Our sommeliers select accompanying ‘wine personalities’ and ‘new discoveries’ to complement this. Classic craftsmanship passed down over generations coupled with the spirit of a young team promise creative and harmonious interpretations.

Close-up of two employees of the restaurant ENTE in Wiesbaden holding a bottle of wine in their hands

World of wine


Our sommeliers take you on an exciting journey through our world of wine. They keep track of the roughly 600 wines in the cellar of our gourmet restaurant. They are there to give you extensive and knowledgeable advice as you select wines to pair with your dishes. Their presence is certain to transform your visit to ENTE in Wiesbaden into a unique flavour experience.

Detail photo of several red wine bottles in the restaurant ENTE in Wiesbaden
Detailed view of a wine depot in the restaurant ENTE in Wiesbaden
Cube Grey

Award-winning food

Whether you select the ENTE tasting menu or pick your favourite dishes à la carte, you are bound to find creatively interpreted and often unexpected features on the ENTE menu, including such creations as ‘Scottish scallop with corn creme brulee, green asparagus and coconut jelly’.

Classics favoured by all, such as ‘Crispy duck from the heath’, naturally feature as well.

It is our pleasure to invite you on an extraordinary gourmet foray.

Close up of duck with garnishes on wooden board in restaurant ENTE
An employee stands in front of a beautifully decorated table at the ENTE star restaurant in Wiesbaden, holding a small bottle of alcohol in his hand
Colorful flower arrangements on a set table of the restaurant ENTE in Wiesbaden
Set tables in the Nassauer Hof restaurant ENTE in Wiesbaden
Fish dish in restaurant ENTE in Wiesbaden
Appetiser at the restaurant ENTE

Opening hours
Wed. to Sat. 6.30 pm to 10.00 pm 
(Last order until 9 pm)

Kaiser-Friedrich-Platz 3–4
65183 Wiesbaden

T +49 611 133 666