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Sölring Hof Sylt
Sölring Hof Sylt

Welcome to SÖL’RING HOF

A unique two-(Michelin-)star restaurant and five-star hotel on Sylt, a tad more distant in the village of Rantum, in a prime location in the middle of the dunes. Look left and the sandy beach stretches on forever; look right and the sandy beach also stretches on forever. Lined up behind it are our rooms and suites – of which there are just 15 – each offering every form of luxury imaginable. Each room comes with its own beach hut, binoculars on ‘your’ windowsill and an e-bike so that you can enjoy your tour of the island even if the wind should prove unfavourable. A tempting spa area is the icing on the cake of our luxury hotel on Sylt. Have a beach picnic on a whim. Enjoy one last glass outside as the sun sets. Take a swim before you’ve even indulged in your open-ended breakfast. Spend the whole day barefoot. The freedom is unlimited and yours to enjoy.

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Culinary events at Söl’ring Hof

Söl’ring Hof offers you many opportunities for a highly enjoyable Sylt experience. Visit us at one of our culinary events on Sylt and look forward to veritable culinary pleasure. We regularly host cooking courses on various subjects in our Michelin-starred kitchen.

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Our restaurant has earned two Michelin stars, and guests can tell why when they experience chef Jan-Philipp Berner’s refined, authentic fare with a Nordic touch.


Cube Grey

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SH Haus

Award-winning ‘authentic Northern German cuisine that makes a feature out of the quality of first-rate, long-forgotten local products.’


We would like to say thank you

We were ranked 11th out of more than 11,000 hotels in the renowned ‘The 101 Best Hotels in Germany’ ranking. In addition, we were also awarded the sensational second place in the ‘Best culinary hotels’ category.

As passionate hosts, we are happy about this special appreciation, which goes out to our entire team.