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Sölring Hof Arrangements
Sölring Hof Arrangements
Arrangements for holidays on Sylt island

Our packages & arrangements on Sylt

Have you ever experienced Sylt during the quietest period of the year? The crisp chill, floating sheets of ice on the mudflats, scarcely populated beaches and potentially even a dash of snow… The island becomes a tranquil place during the winter, and the people get back to basics. For this special time of the year, we offer our guests extraordinary hotel arrangements so that you can enjoy the best food and pure relaxation during your stay with us at Söl’ring Hof.

Explore the true essence of Sylt with a journey on enchanted trails through silent villages. Whether strong waves or a low swell, experience the unique feeling here by the North Sea up close with an extended walk along the beach. Afterwards, return to our Frisian house and warm up with a steaming cup of tea by the fireplace.



What could be lovelier than experiencing spring on Sylt? Enjoying spring on Sylt at Söl’ring Hof, of course! Ideally, with our exclusive arrangement – expertly combining the height of culinary indulgence, relaxation, and the spring awakening on the North Sea coast.

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A Local’s Experience

Do you consider enjoyment a high priority? Then Söl’ring Hof is just the place for you. Enjoy the colder time of the year with us on the Rantum dunes and indulge your senses. We have developed an offering for all gourmands that serves up the products of winter deliciously.

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Sölring Hof Arrangements Feinheimisch

Culinary Pleasure

It is a feast for all the senses when you take a holiday by the North Sea with us. For gourmands, we have developed an offering for complete culinary pleasure, presenting to you current, seasonal delicacies from our kitchen inspired by the region. During the quieter time of the year, you can devote yourself entirely to the nice side of life – which of course includes gourmet dining. Book our North Sea Arrangement in all its variety, with five nights’ accommodation at Söl’ring Hof and look forward to multiple meals at our restaurant with two Michelin stars.

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Enjoyment on the Dunes

Clear skies, a quiet beach, the waves gently crashing, early sunsets. Welcome to the romantic winter ambience at Söl’ring Hof on Sylt, best enjoyed by candlelight and a crackling fireplace. The cold season is a time of lights for us here on the dunes. Look forward to pleasurable hours under your thatched roof and enjoy peace and relaxation – the perfect conditions for a couple’s retreat. With our romance arrangement, your stay with us becomes a rewarding getaway for all the senses!

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Sölring Hof Arrangements Genüssliche Stunden auf der Düne
Sölring Hof Arrangements Winter

Winter between Mudflats and the North Sea

Sometimes you just need to get away from everyday life and take a holiday at the seaside. A visit to us on Sylt is always rewarding no matter what time of year it is! Whether you would like to enjoy the Christmas cheer with us by candlelight and a crackling fire or experience the exceptional, quiet tranquillity found here at the beginning of the year after the holiday season, our island offers you a very special atmosphere during winter. An atmosphere perfect for your well-being, where you can look forward to pure rejuvenation with the wellness arrangement that includes four nights’ accommodation at our hotel.

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Wedding Arrangement

Have you decided that you want to spend the most beautiful day of your life with us on Sylt? Our island offers you unique wedding venues by the North Sea. We have an exceptional offering in store for you for your special day: book our Wedding Arrangement at Söl’ring Hof at any time of the year and look forward to a wonderful time full of romance, gourmet feasts and luxury at our hotel, including two nights’ accommodation, to make your wedding on Sylt unforgettable!

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Sölring Hof Arrangements Hochzeit
Sölring Hof Weihnachtsarrangement

Christmas Arrangement

Christmas on Sylt is an atmosphere of winter romance. Book our special offer for the Christmas season and enjoy the tranquillity and festive cheer by candlelight and crackling fire under our thatched roof. The Christmas Arrangement offers you the perfect setting for a cheer-filled festive season by the North Sea, celebrated fittingly with a five-course Christmas banquet in our two-Michelin-star restaurant on Christmas Eve.

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